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Brewed beer and funky tunes a perfect combination for a great time

Brewed beer ,cider and funky tunes are a perfect combination for a great time. Funky tunes have a way of lifting our spirits with the infectious rhythm and melodies make it impossible to resist moving and grooving.

Image by Walter Lee Olivares de la Cruz


Creating Ambience

My name is Neil Kinder. I'm also known in the music scene as DjBeauy.
My music genre is deep, classic and progressive house vibes.
My specific audience are those wineries , restaurants and corporate events that bring together the joy of good food, wine and music. 

I’m influenced by many of the top International Dj’s, producers and live music performances. My music selection always features the latest deep, melodic and progressive house tunes. Depending on the event 80's , 90's & 2020 classics. 
Music and good wine can help create the perfect atmosphere to enhance the beautiful North East Victoria.

I’m available for indoor or outdoor sessions or venues in the North East Ovens, King, Kiewa Valley, Rutherglen and Glenrowan areas.

I'm able to supply all of my own sound and lighting equipment to suit any size gathering.

Professional standard applied and fully insured against public liability. 
All electrical equipment is tested and tagged.


Reach out and see how I can make your next event a standout

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